Wardrobe Revamping

Too many clothes and nothing to wear? Odds and ends you love but can't make them go together? Questions about what cuts flatter and which ones you should never ever don? Need an objective eye to help you toss that old blazer that cost a fortune but you just don't wear anymore? Need fortitude in getting rid of your 'skinny' clothes? Need a fresh eye for color and fabric combinations made up of what you've already got?   Have too many versions of the same thing and not the right one? Is there no order to your closet chaos?  Let me help you revamp your wardrobe and make putting an outfit together a morning thrill rather than a dreaded necessity.

Fashion Tuning

Do you have a need to define different sets of clothing for the different parts of your life? For work, play, night life? Do you know what looks good on you? Do you know how to match your shoes with your outfit? Do you have the basic essentials in your wardrobe or just a mish mash of things? Do you know how to get the most out of your jewelry, scarves, hair accessories and lipsticks? Do you know which jacket lengths look good with pants, skirts, dresses?  Let me help you establish a look and learn how to put it together and cultivate it over the long haul.

Personal Shopping

After you've started to get a handle on what looks good, what you need to get rid of, and what you  may still need to buy, let me help you learn  how to shop‚ wisely and efficiently. You can learn how to shop for only  exactly what you need, and for items  that will last you and continue to work  for you and your wardrobe over the years. Shopping is a skill, and there  is a lot you can learn that can make it a far more rewarding  and less exasperating experience. Once you learn the basics,  understanding what looks best  on you, and what kind of look  you want to cultivate, you'll have  a skill to last you a lifetime of  seasonal and event inspired  clothes shopping. But should you  only need an objective eye and a little advice, unmotivated by commissions once in a while, I can continue  to help you on seasonal excursions  as well as event-based shopping.