About Closet Smarts

Closet Smarts is Emily Neill, who is dedicated to helping women and men of all shapes, sizes and walks of life dress in the styles that flatter them most, to lighten their step and unburden them of the tyranny of their wardrobes.

About Emily Neill

Emily Neill is a graduate student turned entrepreneur, who started her company, Closet Smarts, in response to her self-searching question: "but what would be a really fun career to have?" 

Having served as fashion consultant and wardrobe fairy for friends and colleagues over the years, she decided to take her smarts out of the academic closet and put them to work publicly, one closet makeover at a time. Her goal: to make Boston a better fashion town, and give its citizens the skills to dress their best and dress confidently. 

Her dissertation research, undertaken at Harvard Divinity School, is on feminist theories of the body, and indeed, she has come to see her calling to 'remake' people's wardrobes and fashion sense as her true vocation:  providing soulful confidence from the outside in. 

The most remarkable aspect of her closet profession? "How much I really get to learn about the clients I work with. It is truly miraculous how people transform themselves through this process and they are so open about it every wardrobe consult is an experience unto itself. This is my favorite part of the job." 

Emily spends her free time roving the city for undiscovered fashion gems and resources for her clients newly 'refined' wardrobes as well as seeking new ways to pitch the 'wardrobe revamp' to the uninitiated.