Real raves from Closet Smarts makeovers!

Reading [Closet Smarts] is especially great because of the real life models and photographs, really confirmed my just (returned) faith in my waist! (I am a curvy hourglass.) The two triangles are really graphic and helpful. Best stylebook I found since Trinny and Susannah. I am looking forward to the next book (about accessoires?) Thank you so much!
- Loes Blokker, Amsterdam

In 3 hours Emily helped me clean out my closet, put outfits together that I would have never thought of on my own and gave me a list of items I needed to add to my wardrobe. It was worth every cent!
- Jennifer, Boston MA

Spending a morning with Emily going through my wardrobe was amazing! She really zeroed in on my potential fashion disasters and pointed out a number of great but undiscovered combinations lurking in my closet. Everytime I go shopping now before I make a purchase I think, "Would Emily approve?"
- Christine Eskilson, Charlestown MA

Emily opened both of our eyes to what was possible with clothes we already had. My wife and I thought half the closet would be thrown out but instead Emily showed us how to mix and match clothes in ways we didn't know were possible. Highly recommended!
- Evan Buxton, Salem MA

Emily did and amazing job with my closet makeover!! She systematically went through everything I owned and helped me to understand how to wear my favorite clothes in a more flattering way and to get rid of clothes that just plain did not work. It felt great to purge my wardrobe of old comfort clothes learn what styles work best for my figure. I can't wait to do some post holiday shopping and start collecting some of the items on my "to purchase" list that Emily created! Her suggestions are smart and practical which makes this experience so rewarding. A great gift idea for any woman struggling to make the most of her wardrobe!
- Sarah Wojdak, West Newbury MA

Absolutley LOVE the "Closet Smarts" book!!! The way that body parts are targetted with suggestions is very helpful. The pictures are "real world" and inspiring!
- Barbara Lundquist San Francisco MA

I ignored myself and my body for two years after the birth of my twins. It was a bold move to ask my husband for closet smarts for mothers day. Although it was more expensive than he would typically spend on a gift for me he gladly got it recognizing the benefit for himself. At the end of the 3 hour consultation I had 3 trash sized bags of clothes that were old, dated or unflattering. Emily also wrote up a list of items that I need to round out my wardrobe. This experience changed the way I feel about myself, my awareness of style and my clothes. It is liberating and I am so glad that I did it.
- Sharron Menninger, Winchester MA

I now have a new mantra, "you have to spend money to save money." The money I spent having Emily revamp my wardrobe was not only worth every bit, but it has saved me money in return. Armed with the advice she gave me about what styles flatter my figure I was able to stop myself from purchasing clothes that didn't look good on me despite them being so cute I could hardly stand it. The whole experience was great; I learned a lot, I got rid of a lot, and I have a lot of new outfits made up of clothes I already own. I can't say enough about her service, I am now an Emily Neill cheerleader!
- Cindy Palmquist, Brookline MA

The shopping outing with Emily was fun and productive. She did a great job selecting things that fit my style and were very versatile. It was a very efficient trip, worth every penny. Thank you!
- Lynda, Cambridge MA

The email I wrote Emily when I saw my wardrobe photos started: "I'm impressed! 50+ outifits? Who would have guessed? Now I can't wait for the next chance to go out on the town." And it really was astounding. It made me see potential in lots of stuff I was passing over because I was afraid it was out of style. I didn't throw/give/consign ALL the things she told me to. I had to hang onto a few favorites. But since then, I've seen how some things I liked were actually unflattering, mostly too loose for me -- and so I've made better choices when buying new items. I would advise budgeting some money beyond the consulting fee for buying some clothes soon after the consult, and for getting a few more hours of personal shopping, so you can take full advantage of the new info before your resolve and the memory of all the advice fades away. I actually did this almost a year ago and am just getting around to writing comments now -- So be aware, there are probably dozens, or hundreds, more out there who benefitted from Emily's help and haven't said it yet!
- Sandy Larson, Boston MA

Although I seemed to have plenty of clothes in my closet, I felt I had little to wear. Some items sat lingering only for dress-up occasions. Work items felt tired, perhaps because I wore the same few outfits. Emily to the rescue! Her keen eye, kindly manner, and fine color sense quickly worked wonders on my closet. She mixed and matched items that I would have never put together but that actually look great! I have a whole new wardrobe! She also identified holes in my wardrobe that she ably helped me fill on a shopping trip. I'll see Emily in the fall when it's time to revamp again!
- Barbara, Brookline MA

I feel like I have 'closet smarts' now. I used to spend every morning uncomfortably shifting around my closet, cold and feeling confused and irritable. Emily leaves you with a pile of outfit photos to help jog your memory on crazy mornings - and it really works! I just got my photos two days ago, and I've already worn three outfits. Getting dressed has been transformed into an enjoyable, fast and easy process (not to mention rewarding - compliments galore!)
- Natalie DeNormandie, MA

What fun I had with Emily! She helped me get rid of all those unflattering clothes I had been holding on to for years & it felt SO good! Then, we went shopping and she helped me pick out some clothes that were truly flattering and make me feel great. She has a great eye for what looks good and offers lots of honest advice without being callous. I'm looking forward to our next shopping trip. Emily is well worth every penny!!!
- Gina, Northborough MA

I was curious, as a guy, how Emily's service would translate - she's had great success with women, as evidenced here, but guys can be a whole different story. Well, after spending some time shopping with her, I can say that her wonderful eye is not biased. Altough we had a relatively short amount of time, it was very productive and educational. I'll reiterate what many others have said wrt bringing in more color and learning what works best in terms of fit/material but that's all just instict with Emily - what really struck me was this idea of choosing stuff you can dress up or down. Maybe it's a guy thing but I've never thought about clothes that way. It makes so much sense though, and it's something she truly has a gift for.
- Michael S., Cambridge MA

I met Emily recently when I became involved with her book. As part of our process, Emily came over and helped transform my wardrobe. The process was FUN and I learned a lot about what flatters me. We also went shopping for some basics - I have to say that Emily's help was invigorating and completely altered the shopping experience. Shopping went from being a chore and emotionally challenging to being enjoyable. I feel a lot more confident and "put together" these days. I loved working with Emily so much that I just purchased a wardrobe revamp as a gift for my Mom's birthday. I highly recommend Emily's services! Feel free to write me with questions.
- Lily Leaton, Boston MA

Emily is efficient without being brusque, kind without sugar-coating the fashion issues/problems, and helpful too! She helped me to identify gaps in my wardrobe and to clean out some old and rather unflattering items. She's terrific!
- Jessica, Brookline MA

Emily is great! She's so efficient and really knows what looks best. She helped me pick out a dress for a wedding I was attending and it was a hit!
- Janet, Somerville, MA

I enjoyed my time with Emily immensely. Not only did I drastically clean out my closet of things that dated me, but now I have a wardrobe that works. And now I have a reason to go shopping as well! How can that be bad?!? Still need some help on accessorizing, however ... Well worth the money.
- Xiomara, West Roxbury MA

What a treat to have my own special wardrobe consultant, objectively weed out my closet and find outfits from the small maze within. As a result, I can easily find clothes in my closet, now sorted, and shop for more appropriate, better fitting more stylish pieces. I think your service was outstanding, and I am so grateful that I called you.
- RoseMarie, Needham MA

Well, what do you know. There _were_ some flattering outfits in my closet. Emily's candid (yet gentle) feedback helped me figure out which pieces worked for me and which ones weren't doing me any favors. It's still incredibly difficult to find clothes in my (very skinny, yet not short) size, outside of the vintage clothing stores; but - thanks to Emily - at least I'm not wasting any more money on clothes that don't look good on me. Emily's service more than pays for itself; there's no reason not to call her right this instant!
- Linda Sobottka, Medford MA

Em, It was pleasure meeting and working with you. Your service was a great investment for me. 1. The Closet Makeover: I didn't realize how much I had to work with from my closet, until you showed me how to coordinate outfits. Also, you gave me courage to let go of clothing and shoes that were no longer useful. You were very organized, thorough, and honest. That was exactly what I needed. 2. Shopping with you: Before I met you, the only stores I frequented were TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I never looked for outfits. I always bought black, and mostly on impulse. You showed me how to coordinate outfits, and chose styles that flattered me the most. You educated me on what to look for, what look good on me, and what didn't. I am now totally hooked on Ann Taylor. I absolutely love the style and cut. Now I dress with confidence, and I receive more compliments now than before I met you. I look forward to working on a Fall wardrobe with you. Best Regards,
- Gina, Quincy, MA

Worth every penny. Emily is personable, professional and knows her business. I felt in good hands. Not only did Emily help me pare down my closet to a much more manageable level, but most importantly she resurrected some clothes I hadn't worn for years. She put together some combinations I never would have that look great. She did a great job with what I have in my closet and then made a short list of some pieces I could buy to round out my wardrobe. She also left me with a sense of styles that do and do not work for me, which has helped me become a more efficient shopper. Now I'm just working on getting my husband to consider hiring her.
- Caroline, Jamaica Plain, MA

Emily made me throw out (OK, give away...) most of what I wear. I had contacted her in the first place because I knew that I wasn't looking my best most days. Most outfits made me look tubby & out of fashion. Anyway, after she left, I was a little shell-shocked at how few clothes I had, but the outfits she'd helped me assemble were winners. And now I've gone shopping several times, and have really learned to look for the right cuts & fits for me, based on Emily's excellent advice. I'm really proud of my recent acquisitions, and love how confident I feel about getting dressed! I know that what's in my closet will be attractive and flattering. What a revelation! I'd recommend her to anyone!!
- Kathryn, Belmont MA

A visit from Emily was a present to myself, and it was one of the best presents I have ever received (from anybody!). Once again, I enjoy picking out new outfits every morning and it is wonderful to shop with a clear sense of what to look for to fill out my closet. Emily made the annual chore of overhauling my wardrobe actually enjoyable. I recommend Closet Smarts to everybody, from fashionistas to anti-shoppers.
- Cecilia, Somerville MA

I am so glad that I got the courage to contact Emily. More often than not, lately, I hadn't felt great about my look - I tended toward frumpy. Emily gently encouraged me to get rid of the dead weight that was cluttering my closet and helped me to see many possibilities with what remained. More importantly, I feel I have a renewed sense of fashion confidence and know just what to add to my wardrobe to achieve the look I want. Emily is great! I can't wait to go shopping with her. Thanks!
- Erica, Somerville MA

I didn't know what to expect, because I'm a size 16, 47-year-old person with few clothes, and I haven't really been into shopping or dressing for eight years or so. I thought perhaps this service was for real clotheshounds and Emily wouldn't find anything to put me into. In assembling my outfits, Emily grabbed some clothes that were already favorites (I knew my gray Gloria Vanderbilt cords were a great fit), but she also zeroed in on several items I didn't think had a chance---like a crunchy linen top and skirt I thought was too hippieish (now worn only separately, not as a set) and a big yellow disc necklace my mother gave me for my birthday one year. What a surprise! Now my cool writer look is ready to go! I recommend this service to anyone.
- Janet, Waltham MA

Emily is AMAZING. It is a little scary to have someone come over and look over you clothes. I was afraid she was going to tell me that all the things I wore were terrible! But instead she looked over my closet and gave me insights and wardrobes that I would have never put together myself and now I know what I need to buy going forward. Thanks Emily!
- Maria Redin, Cambridge MA

Emily really helped me locate the best items in my wardrobe! Some of the outfits she put together are some of my favorite combinations now. It was definitely worth every penny!
- Sarah, Boston MA

Having Emily run though my closet was the best birthday gift I could have given myself. She gently encouraged me to get rid of beloved but unflattering clothes, a huge pile of them, and put together enough outfits from what was left that I've gone from feeling like I have nothing to wear to enjoying the many choices that are hanging in my closet. I feel younger and more attractive and for the first time really enjoy getting dressed for work and for play.
- Marjie, Brookline MA

Emily is AWESOME! I thought I had already purged the useless clothes from my closet, but she helped me realize that almost another 1/3 of my wardrobe was unflattering and dated. AND she made 85 new outfits from the clothes left over! Several times during the process I said "I never would have thought to put these together, and I LOVE the way it looks". THANK YOU!!!
- Jessie, Westborough MA

I was quite shocked when she showed up to my door as a gift from my wife. She had heard about me "committing fashion violations all over town". Anyway, not only did I end up with about 90 outfits that work but quite an education on fashions, color matching, dressing for work vs play, etc. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone, unless you're already an editor of GQ.
- Wes, Cambridge MA

Emily worked magic on my wardrobe. She gave me new options for what I already had and many suggestions for what I need to get. We got rid of lots of outdated or ill-fitting clothes. She has a great eye for design detail and what looks flattering and up to date. I would never have gotten there on my own. Her services are well worth the money and I would recommend her to anyone. I plan to have her come shopping with me soon.
- Marisa Peek, Sudbury MA

YAY! that's how i feel about looking at my closet now--no longer a muddled, overflowing mess of clothing that i never wore because (a) i didnt really like it or (b) forgot i had it. She was also really great at pointing out new arrangements of pieces, mixing colors that i would not have originally thought of myself, and canning others. No matter what is in your closet, i think this is a fabulous service and plan to recommend it to all of my girlfriends!
- DEL, Boston MA

ok. never realized how essential this was until afterward. emily singlehandedly revitalized my wardrobe - got me away from wearing the same 4 things all season and reintroduced me to some sadly ignored clothes with a new twist. she also helped explain why it was that i wasn't wearing certain things - and made it easy to thin everything out. i didn't quite see how drab i'd been feeling in the wardrobe rut until emily took over. not only can i see what's in my closet, her dry wit made it all the better.
- Liz Linder, Boston MA

Wow, I never knew I could look so smart and hip until Emily went through my wardrobe, took out all the "too old", "too young" looking clothes and made some great, practical suggestions for what clothes would flatter my shape and reflect my age. Emily's work really works--people have noticed my change in wardrobe and love it (as do I!)
- Tatjana, Stoneham MA

Emily did a fantastic job with my closet makeover! I never realized how much stuff I needed (and wanted)to get rid of. It was great expierence. The next step is to take Emily shopping with me. I still need lots of color! (no more white shirts).
- Dianne, Waltham MA

Emily did a great job of re-organizing my closet and tossing items I'd had since the mid-90s. (well, I thought they still looked ok). After the closet clean out, we went shopping and purchased alot of items with *color*, which is what I apparently needed. I really don't like shopping but going with Emily made it alot less painful. Now I wish I had her with me every time I'm at the Mall! But I am using her good advice while shopping. I am looking forward to a fall shopping excursion..
- Suzanne, Wayland MA

Emily took me shopping for my wedding dress. I had three requirements when we started. I told her it can't be white, it can't be to the floor and it can't have spaghetti straps. She said "we'll see" and proceeded to put me into dresses I never would have tried on myself. I came home with the most gorgeous wine colored, floor length dress with spaghetti straps. Well, two out of three ain't bad. I love this dress!!!!
- Oona, Arlington MA

Like most men, I had a wardrobe that was drab and often the wrong size or fit. Emily did a great job of helping me find clothes that fit me, in colours that were not boring. As a stereotypical guy, I benefitted more from learning how and where to shop, and what to shop for, more than learning how to organise my closet.
- Manni Wood, Somerville MA

Emily turned the daunting prospect of shopping for the right dress for a special occassion into a lot of fun. And we got a great dress, something I probably wouldn't have tried on had I been alone. She was great!
- Laura, Arlington MA

So, I came to work after having been "emilyed" and a colleague said, "Wow. You look really good today. What's different?" I tried not to think she was implying that I looked terrible most days...and responded by saying Emily told me I had to wear shirts like these - that I have great skin tone and turtlenecks won't do. Emily is a wonderfully kind, sensitive person who's got a great eye and has a knack for telling you in a gentle way how what YOU think looks good may not. Having her tour my clothes was a wonderful experience. Really painless.
- Becka, Roslindale (the greatest community in Boston)

Emily does a great job of cleaning out the clutter. She has a great eye for what works on you, what doesn't, and where to go to find it. I would recommend her to anyone. The fact that she's a lot of fun to hang out with is strictly bonus!
- Felisha, Cambridge MA

I was thrilled to invite Emily over to offer her wisdom on my closet! It was an intense and exciting few hours--couldn't believe the pile of clothes on my bed to get rid of. In the end I was very satisfied and felt like my wardrode had received a healthy "spring cleaning".
- E. Chloe Lauer, Belmont MA

Emily does for you what you wish you could do for yourself, but you need objectivity about your outfits and "persona" from time to time. Her view is reasonable and constructive, with a favorable image of you in the works!
- Amy B, Cambridge MA

Emily did an amazing job clearing out years of excess clothes & shoes. For every item where there was a question in my mind about it, she helped make the "keep" or "it's outta here" call. Aside from the large tax deduction for my donation, I now have a sensible closet. I also know what I need to add to round it out well. Overall, time and money very well spent!
- Andrea Sinner, Boston MA

Fun times hanging out with Emily. Would recommend this to anyone.
- Hanneke Vermeulen, Somerville MA